Universal Diesel engine alignment


Refer to the start up check list in this manual after above items have been checked and before attempting to start the engine so that the proper procedure may be followed in some cases other add ons may require servicing.

WITH THE BOAT TN THE WATER, check freedom of the propeller shaft in the bearings and alignment of the propeller shaft with the engine. Shaft alignment should not be more than .002" to .004" out at four points in one position at coupling flange and the same four points in the same position when shaft and coupling is rotated 1800 from first check. If propeller shaft is out of alignment, we strongly recommend that re-alignment be performed by a qualified mechanic familiar with the installation.

Also, it may be necessary to tighten the stuffing gland just enough to stop excessive leakage along the shaft. Excessive tightening will cause power loss and burned stuffing material. A slight seepage is necessary to lubricate the stuffing gland.

Any problems arising from this pre-use inspection requiring special tools or attention should be referred to your diesel engine service center.

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