Universal Diesel 



Steps necessary for fuel timing:
1. Remove air intake manifold so that the fuel injector pump can be removed without interference.

2. Set throttle lever at full speed.

3. Remove injector Dump side cover. This will enable you to visually check to insure that the fuel rack pin inside the pump properly aligns with the opening in the top of pump housing when being removed re prevent binding or shearing or the pin. This pin is critical to proper pump operation and if damaged will require replacement of the complete Dump.

4. The injector pump internal unit can now be loosened and removed. It may be necessary to remove fuel lines form injector nozzles to aid in pump removal.

5. There are several shims located just below the pump top plate which will be used to adjust the timing. These shims are .006 inch thick and are O or approximately 3/16" of distance on the circumference equal to 1-1/2 of the flywheel. Addition of shims will retard the timing and removing shims will advance the timing.

6. If the mark on the flywheel is below the pointer, the fuel is being injected sooner than required and the fuel timing must be retarded. Shims must be added until the timing marks are aligned. The opposite is true if the flywheel mark is above the pointer. See figure 5.

7. If at all possible, it is better to operate the engine with the timing advanced rather than retarded.

8. Replace fuel injector pump, making sure the fuel rack pin aligns with the housing opening and is properly inserted into the slotted arm. Tighten injector pump cover in place. Reconnect fuel line from fuel filter to pump. Repeat steps 2 thru 12 on engine timing.

9. If timing is satisfactory, then reassemble. Be certain that all plates, covers, fuel lines and connections are tight and free of leaks so that safe operation may be expected when the engine is started. Clean engine thoroughly.

10. Caution: Be sure all fuel lines and connections are kept clean during adjusting, to prevent fouling of nozzles when reassembled.

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