1 Litre Accumulator Tank

Tank: Hygienic, Light.
Impact and Pressure Resistant
Plastic construction to F.D.A. listed
materials to safeguard health.
Volume: 1.2 Litres (1.3 qt.)
Pressure: Up to 125 PSI (8.8 kg cm)
Weight: 1 1/2lb (.68kg)
Dimensions: 133/4" (35 Cm) x 51/4" (13cm) x 4" (10cm)

The Jabsco Accumulator Tank is intended for installation in any pumped water system controlled by a pressure switch, for example Jabsco pressure pumps as found in boats, caravans, motor caravans and other recreational vehicles.

The Accumulator Tank smoothes water flow and reduces on/off cycling of the pump by lessening the variation in pressure and flow between the pump and the outlets in the system.

The even flow of water gives better control of hot water temperature especially noticeable with instantaneous gas water heaters and with showers.

The reduced on/off cycling reduces noise from the pump motor, and from shock pressures (pipe hammer). It also reduces battery drain, and gives longer pump life.


1. Mounting
The Jabsco Accumulator tank must be mounted vertically. If absolutely necessary, the tank may be mounted up to a 45" angle with little loss of performance.
The mounting must allow sufficient access for the removal of the top plug.

2. Location
The tank must be fitted in the outlet line from the
Do not connect the tank directly to the pump outlet port.
Use flexible hose, not rigid pipe-work, to isolate the tank from any pump vibrations.

system diagram

3. Watertight Connections
PTFE or Teflon* tape must be used when connecting the 1/2N BSP externally threaded outlet either to the 'T'-fitting provided or to any other threaded fitting. If flexible hoses are connected to the 'T'-fitting, secure them with hose clamps.

4. Draining Facility
A drain cock or plug should be installed to permit the tank to be recharged with air. Install the drain plug at the lowest point in the system (after the pump). This will also allow the system to be drained down for winter lay-up.

5. Maintenance
After prolonged use, the air cushion may be absorbed. This becomes apparent if the pump cycles rapidly when only a small flow is drawn off, e.g. a leaking tap, or instantaneous gas heater being operated on maximum heat setting.
To correct:
a) Turn off power to water pump.
b) Open tap furthest from Accumulator tank.
c) Remove plug in top of Accumulator tank.
d) Open drain cock, if fitted, or loosen pipe joint on
pump delivery side, to drain system.
e) Replace plug and washer in top of tank.
f) Reverse procedures as shown in (d) and switch on power leaving tap furthest from pump "open" until flow settles. Close all taps, unit will then reach required pressure and shut off automatic ally. System is now charged for service.

Do not over-tighten top plug or 'T'-fitting. This will
damage the tank. Hand tighten only.
Plastic or similar material fittings are recommended.
Do not paint the Accumulator tank as this may lead to deterioration of the material.

CAUTION:  Do not overpressure tank. Pressures over 125 psi may rupture tank and cause personal injury.

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