Descriptions for diagram below

1. Condensing Unit Plug Wires from the seawater pump are fitted with special terminals, part #41005, found taped to the condensing unit beside the plug receptacle. These wires with the special terminals are then inserted into the lower left and center slots of the wire harness plug as shown in Figure 3-5. Green ground wire should be connected to the condensing unit chassis.

2. Condensing Unit Plug Wires from the pump relay to the condensing units are red and white pairs and are connected exactly as outlined above in Paragraph 1. There will be no ground wire supplied, so a #14 ground must be run from the relay chassis to the chassis of each condensing unit.

3. Pump Wires A black and white pair of wires from the SA10 relay is the output to the pump. Splice these wires to the pump black and white wires, color to color, and connect the green ground wire from the pump to the SA10 relay chassis.

4. Connecting Wires Connecting the PR13 series relay to the condensing unit plug is a red and white pair of #16 wires sup plied by the installer. At the PR13 relay, connect to pairs of red and white terminals as shown. At the condensing unit, connect as shown in Figure 3-5. Ground the PR13 relay to each condensing unit with /14 wire.

5. PR13 Relay Available as PR13-2, PR13-3, PR13-4, or PR13-5. The dash number indicates the number of condensing units with which the relay is designed to be used.

6. Pump Wires Any seawater pump up to 1/3 HP can be connected as shown using #14 wire. Pump should be grounded to PR13 chassis with #14 wire.

7. Power Input PR13 relay should be powered from the ship's panel with #14 wire protected by a 15 amp. circuit breaker. Power input ground should be connected to relay chassis.

8. Fuse This fuse protects the wiring from the relay to the connected pump. Fuse is a Buss AGX 15.

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