That "clear stuff" they sew into canvas.

   It's so nice when it's new but, it can look so old so fast if your not careful. Caring for Isinglass isn't difficult but it does need special attention to keep it looking good.

There are several grades and thickness' of Isinglass. Some are very soft to the touch and others are very stiff and have a much tougher surface. Either can be scratched easily and creases are almost always permanent. When you have to store panels that have clear plastic sewn in, always roll the plastic part to prevent creases.

Try not to roll panels when wet. Dry them off using a soft cloth before rolling them up. Some of the softer grades of plastic will turn white or fog up if stored wet. A few hours in the sun will get rid of the whiteness or fogginess in most cases.

Maintenance means "rinsing"  it with cold water, trying not to rub the dirt into the plastic. Never "Dry" dust plastic materials. Any rubbing acts like sand-paper to plastic. Keep rubbing to a minimum and always use lots of cold water and a very very soft cloth when rubbing is required. Do not use paper towels or  Terri-cloth towels. Try not to use any cleaning solutions. Most cleaning  solutions will cause yellowing and cracking.

Sometimes the plastic panel rubs or comes in contact with the support tubing for the convertible top. Over time the plastic will degrade because of this contact. The only real solution is to have rub strips made out of the same material as the top sewn into the plastic panel. Spacers or Styrofoam tubing put on the tubing of the convertible top may help, for a while, but the rubbing of the tubing against the plastic eventually damages the plastic.

What the two most common grades of Isinglass and why do they use more than one?

Basically, the "type" of plastic used, is actually different between the two , not just how thick or pliable it seems. The more rigid of the two is more durable but it is also more expensive. There are different thickness' of each type as well.

How do I know which type I have?

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