Are you missing the Boat?

   If your web browser is set to "Cache" the pages and images at this web site or any web site, for that matter, you may be missing the latest updates to content. This web site changes it's content on a daily basis and if your browser should pull up a page from the cache on your computer,  you would miss the important changes taking place when  you return and view our site.  Pages change, images are moved and improved, and when this happens, your cached page will not show these improvements.
   To change your cache settings, go to your browser preference box and turn off caching, or on newer browsers you can have it check for updates before displaying a cached page.
   We don't intend to use "no-caching" features, for our web site, which allows you to view your cached pages in "Off line mode" if you want to do so.

   If your web browser is more than a year old, or you haven't gone to the web site of the manufacturer to update the software, there is a good chance that it does not have some of the updates that the software manufacturer would want you to have to improve it's performance.

Did you know you can change the color of the text on this web page? It might make them easier to read in certain room conditions.  It's simple. First, click your mouse anywhere on this page, then, in the tool bar of your browser, select "Edit" , "Select All" and the text will change to a different color and background. Try it on this page.

Looking for what you want?
   You have an interest in certain information. Have you contacted the web sites, you patronize, to let them know that you are interested in any updates that they post, concerning those interests? Most sites, including ours, will gladly send you a notice of updated information.

 And last but not least, remember to right mouse-click on the large   printable diagrams and view them in a new window. They will be easier to read and save if you want to save the page for viewing latter.



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