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What is it with Chrysler inboard engine rotation?

  Chrysler engine ID tag. 
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Some tune-up specs for:

273, 318, 360 Chrysler Part A
273, 318, 360 Chrysler Part B

383, 413, 440 Chrysler Part A
383, 413, 440 Chrysler Part B

US MARINE 454 (1986-1989)

  Chrysler V8 Marine Engines Manual (Late 60's & early 70's vintage) 10mb

Chrysler Marine M440 Service Manual 65mb


Chrysler Outboard

Note that Chrysler Outboard became "Force Outboard" in the mid 80's.  During most of it's history as "Force", it was owned by US Marine. (Bayliner Boats) In the early 90's, Force was bought by Mercury Marine as a package when Brunswick purchased US Marine/Bayliner Boats. In the late 90's Mercury Marine shut down production of Force Outboards.

Parts are available from Mercury Marine and some after-market suppliers.

Chrysler Model Number Chart

The three links below open to another web site.
Here's some tidbits about the history of Chrysler Marine.

And, a bit of Chrysler boat history from 1966 and 1969.

And another fun Chrysler boat page.

The following are primarily for Force Outboard however, some late model Chrysler outboards use the same information.

The following are in .pdf format.

Also, see our Mercury Marine page  for SportJet and Force outboard models that share components with Mercury/Mariner outboard.





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