MCM/MIE 454 and 502 CID Engines New GM Generation V engines.

sea-fuel.gif (8485 bytes)

a) fuel pump
b) seawater pump
c) gear oil fill and vent location.
    Note: drain plug just below c on some models

To help you identify the new GM Generation V engine, refer to Figure 1. The Gen V engine has the fuel pump mounted on the seawater pump. The previous big block engines had the fuel pump mounted to the cylinder block.


The lubrication change intervals has been changed. Fuel pump cam lube change intervals are not required. However,  Check cam lube level: At each engine oil change. Lube level should be at bottom of threads for vent screw (c).

Lubricant: Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube, 92-816026A4.

Although there isn't any mandatory lube change frequency, always, check for water entry into the lube, see if it smells like gas, and note any metallic appearance. These are the signs that service is required.

Note: The lower drain plug in the lube housing was removed from newer models of this pump; making it difficult to drain contaminated lube from the housing. With either pump; it is necessary to remove the pump from the engine and drain/flush the housing so it can be re-filled properly and repair the reason for contamination. 

Metallic appearance to the lube is a sign that the shaft cam may be worn out. Check shaft cam for wear and replace if grooved. Check fuel pump arm for wear, also.

Web note: Above image and more are available at Club SeaRay Forum.
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Belt Tension

Figure 2 (below) is for all L.H. rotation MCM and MIE engines. Please note that belt and pulley (a) are only used on MCM stern drive engines.

1. Belt should depress 1/4 in. (6mm) at (b) location. 2. To change belt tension, adjust idler pulley (c).

DO NOT over-adjust idler pulley. Too much tension on belt will cause bearings in seawater pump to fail.

sea-fuel-belt.gif (4773 bytes)

Note: belt routing for seawater/fuel pump is different for MIE right   hand engines. Refer to your service manual.


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