Outboard Marine Corporation
200 Sea Horse Drive GROUP
Waukegan, Illinois 60085                              December 8, 1998

Dear OMC Dealer:

This is a letter notifying you of a potential problem on certain 1999 200 and 225 HP V-6 FFI outboards.

OMC has determined that the bolts used to secure the fuel injectors to the cylinder heads may suddenly break.

If one of the bolts breaks, engine cylinder head damage can occur at low operating hours. Additionally, a fuel leak could occur. Should this leaking fuel ignite, property damage could result.

We have included a list of the serial numbers of the engines you have purchased and claim forms. All registered owners have been notified and may bring their engine to you for repair. These engines must have the bolts that secure the fuel injectors replaced with new bolts and shims.

If the engine is in stock, it should be corrected immediately before offering it for sale.

If the engine has been sold but not yet registered with us, you need to contact the customer, advise him of this program, and arrange to have the engine brought in for this correction. THE CUSTOMER SHOULD BE ADVISED NOT TO OPERATE HIS ENGINE UNTIL IT IS REPAIRED. If the boat needs to be operated to get to your dealership, please contact OMC Technical Service for instructions.

If the engine has been sold and is registered, we have notified the owner to contact any authorized dealer to have this repair done immediately.

Order P/N 5000834 from OMC Parts & Accessories. When necessary, request that the parts be shipped next day air. Include the packing list when you return the claim for air freight reimbursement. Install the bolts and shims following the instructions included in the kit. When the work is completed, submit the special claim form for payment. OMC will pay 1 1/2 hours labor plus parts for each engine repair.

If you require any assistance, or have any questions concerning this program, please telephone the OMC Warranty Department.

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