Overloaded 60 Amp Circuit Breaker.

The 60 amp circuit breaker may trip under "normal" operation on initial "cold start" when engine has not been used for an extended period, on boats with several battery banks, or on those requiring high electrical power output.

If this situation is encountered, rewiring of the 60 amp circuit breaker is required.

1. Disconnect the battery ground cable at the battery.
(1) Black
(2) Red
(3) Orange
(4) Red/Purple
(5) Purple

2. The orange wire (3) from the alternator and the red/purple wire (4) from the 10 pin connector are joined at the 60 amp circuit breaker terminal by a ring connector. Remove the ring connector from the circuit breaker terminal. Cut off the red/purple wire near the ring connector. Leave the orange wire attached to the ring connector.

3. Insulate the short cut off end of red/purple wire extending from the ring connector. Secure orange wire to other side of the 60 amp circuit breaker (a).

4. Install new ring terminal on red/purple wire and put back in original location (b).

5. For additional information, refer to the wiring schematics in the appropriate service manual.

4130.gif (4600 bytes)4130b.gif (4704 bytes)


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