Undetected Detonation

All 1993 (JV) - 1996 (NC) 5.0, 5.8 Litre EFI Ford Engines

Research has shown gasoline that starts out as 89 octane can quickly deteriorate to a lower octane. Degraded octane or inferior quality fuel can cause undetected detonation (spark knock) in these engines.

A new two-wire Knock Sensor Kit, P/N 3857030, has been released for these models to improve monitoring of engine operating conditions. The new knock sensor is more sensitive and will detect a wider range of detonation.

The knock sensor is located at the rear of the port cylinder head, near the intake manifold. The wiring harness must be modified to install the new two wire sensor. Follow the instructions that come with the sensor kit.

Submit a warranty claim, along with the old knock sensor, to the OMC Warranty Department.

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