Counter-Rotation Linkage Change

1998 (BY) and Newer "SX" Vertical Drives

OMC has redesigned the shift bellcrank link on 1998 and newer "SX" vertical drives, changing the procedure for reversing the direction of propeller rotation. Rotation reversal on the port engine of a dual engine installation can no longer be accomplished using the linkage at the rear of the upper gear housing.

You must now change rotation direction using the shift cable attachment inside the remote control. Boat builders and dealers must make this change BEFORE installing the controls.

(1) All "SX" vertical drives are shipped from the factory set up as "Pull For FORWARD". Use shift cable attachment points (a) in the remote control.

(2) Port engine counter-rotation applications

must be set up as "Push For FORWARD" in the remote control. Use shift cable attachment points (b) in the remote control.

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