Ignition Failure During Start-Up

1995 (HU) 74FEPHU

We have had a few reports from the field of this engine starting during cranking, then losing spark immediately when the key is released.

This problem can be caused by an inoperative ESA module. This will be indicated by Service Code 42 being present.

This can occur because the "White" and "White/ Gray" wires which direct the Ignition Control circuit to the ignition module and from the ECM are routed through the ESA module. If these Ignition Control wires are left open by the ESA module, the engine will momentarily start when cranked, but will not stay running.

To verify a faulty ESA module, connect a jumper wire "a" between the "White" wire (Pin C) and the "White/Gray" wire (Pin F) on the engine harness side of the module wiring. If the engine starts and continues to run, replace the ESA module.

Warning: Do Not operate the boat with these wires by-passed. The shift interrupt circuit will be eliminated, and hard shifting or drivetrain damage could occur.

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