Revised Trim Limiter

1996 (NC) and Newer Dual Prop Vertical Drives

Certain changes to the trim limiter have affected fault symptoms and troubleshooting procedures.

The trim limiter now operates differently under several fault conditions. These changes will only affect trim limiters produced after date code 1-2-96. The changes that will affect troubleshooting procedures are:

1. The trim limiter will no longer monitor low voltage. The trim system is now designed to shut down when the voltage drops below 9.5 volts.

2. A defective or misadjusted trim sender will now cause the trim gauge needle to move to the upper portion of the gauge range and stay there until the problem is repaired.

Note: The first version of the trim limiter would cause the trim gauge needle to cycle from high to low for both the low voltage and defective/ misadjusted trim sender faults. Additional troubleshooting tips are included on the back of this bulletin. Photo copy them and place at the back of the Trim and Tilt Section of the "NC" Electrical/ Ignition Service Manual, P/N 507144.

no-4143.gif (9833 bytes)

Trim/tilt and Override Switch Functions:

The GREEN lamp follows the TRIM DOWN SWITCH. If you close the trim down switch, the green lamp should be illuminated.

The YELLOW lamp follows the TRIM UP SWITCH. If you close the trim up switch, the yellow lamp should be illuminated.

The RED lamp follows the OVERRIDE SWITCH. If you close the override switch, the red lamp should be illuminated.

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