Incorrect Spark Plugs

1998 (BY) 5.0 Gi Engines

During routine testing and evaluation, we found the original equipment spark plug (AC MR43LTS) could potentially cause engine damage. The engine damage is a result of certain environmental conditions combined with specific engine duty cycles and an incorrect spark plug heat range. A limited number of 5.0 Gi engines may have been shipped with incorrect spark plugs.

All 1998 (BY) engines with serial numbers 1312689 and lower, must have the spark plugs replaced with Champion RS12YC spark plugs. Order Spark Plug Kit, P/N 3858476. This kit contains the following parts:

Spark Plugs (8 pack), P/N 3854399 Caution Label, P/N 3858459 Installation Instructions, P/N 3858477

You can identify engines equipped with the correct spark plugs by a round orange sticker "a" on the forward edge of the rain cover, and a caution label "b" attached to the electrical box on the starboard exhaust elbow.

Using any spark plug, other than those specifically mentioned in this bulletin, can cause severe engine damage. Any damage caused by incorrect spark plugs will not be covered under OMC's limited warranty.

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