Brake Requirements

Liability, a responsibility we all shoulder in the marine business. In order to protect you and your customers and comply with state brake laws in each state, we are enclosing a reprint of the latest State by State Brake publication. Should you find any of the specifics in this publication to be outdated or incorrect please notify us. Any additional questions or interpretations should be referred to your local State Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a partial reprint of the "Rules of the Road for Recreation Vehicles" publication compiled by the Legislative Affairs and Standard Department.
State Brakes              
Alabama 3000 lbs.              
Alaska 3000 [D1]              
Arizona 3000              
Arkansas 3000              
California 1500              
Colorado 1500              
Connecticut 3000              
Delaware 4000              
D.C. 3000(D1)              
Florida 3000              
Georgia 2500              
Hawaii 3000              
Idaho 1500              
Illinois 3000              
Indiana 3000              
Iowa 3000              
Kansas NS              
Kentucky D3              
Louisiana 3000              
Maine 3000              
Maryland 3000 (D1)              
Massachusetts D3              
Michigan 3300              
Minnesota 1500              
Mississippi 2000              
Missouri NS              
Montana 3000              
Nebraska 2000              
Nevada 1500              
New Hampshire 15OO              
New Jersey 3000 [D1]              
New Mexico 3000              
New York 3000 (D1)              
North Carolina 4000              
North Dakota D5              
Ohio 2000              
Oklahoma 3000              
Oregon D3              
Pennsylvania 3000              
Rhode Island 4000              
South Carolina 3000              
South Dakota 3000              
Tennessee 1500              
Texas 4500              
Utah 3000              
Vermont 3000              
Virginia 3000              
Washington 3000 [D3,D1]              
West West Virginia 3000              
Wisconsin 300 [ E12]              
Wyoming 1500              
D1-(or) if units exceed 40% of tow vehicle weight.    
D3- Must be sufficient to stop within legal distance.                
D5- Brakes capable of stopping within 50 ft.when applied at 20 mph.                
E12- Motor Homes.                
H9- If built before 1972 required if unladen weight is over 1000      

Last Updated on 3/30/99