Wiring color chart

Basic wire colors from these manufacturers sometimes are similar however, be cautious when wiring from the boat builder and the engine manufacturer are connected within the same boat and/or of different vintages.

Special Note: ABYC revised the marine electrical standards which started to show up in some boats as early as the 1996 model year. A big change is that the 12 volt black ground wire color was changed to making  "Yellow" an optional color as a ground wire. This is currently showing up primarily with the black battery cables, between the negative battery post and engine block, being replaced with yellow ones. There are other changes as well to marine 12 volt wiring so, be aware.

The current  ABYC Recommended Colors


Where Used / Function


Starting Circuits

Brown/Yellow or Yellow

Bilge Blowers

Dark Grey

Navigation Lights & Tach Signals


Accessory Feeds




Instrument Feeds

Dark Blue

Cabin and instrument Lights

Light Blue

Oil Pressure


Water Temperature


Fuel Gauge Sender

Also, see our page with more wiring color codes and variances.

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