Being careful out there!

    We recently received an email requesting assistance with a law suit concerning an accident that occurred at another marina. I don't think we can give any details, since the case hasn't been tried but, it has re-kindled our attention for the things we have been trying to get across, long before we started this web site.

  As service professionals, it is our obligation to act that way. Text book procedures, safety and warning concepts, and a bunch of common sense... has to be put into play each and every time we perform our jobs. Every aspect of boat repair requires that we be on our toes so, we do not cause damage to the product, ourselves, and/or others.

Experience often reminds us that there is no real short cut to safe and accurate testing and repair. As an example, we just finished the repair to an EFI unit that was at three different service shops (more than once), before ours. We don't know what the others did or tested for, but in this case the mechanical fuel pump was putting out 3 psi of pressure and after long periods of Idle, the engine would just stall out and/or not re-start. The VST module showed signs of entry, the cap for the fuel rail was missing, and the customer told us that the water separating fuel filter had been replaced twice.

Then, why, you ask yourself, did no one replace this fuel pump? Our thought is that either no one tested it, didn't know this pump (normally) put out 6 to 7 psi, or (since it took a half hour to stall out) didn't care enough to test this boat properly and completely during the test period.
(See how easy it was to solve this problem.)

In desperation, the customer brought this boat to us and exclaimed their fear to use this boat, out on the ocean.  We didn't need for this customer to say this to us. We feel that, every boat that comes to us for repair, has our friends and family sitting in that boat.

If you can't learn to fix boats, are employing persons who don't understand the above concepts, have not invested every penny you can into proper training and test equipment then.... Get out of the boat repair business... you're going to hurt someone.

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