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"Preventing pollution can be as simple as using good maintenance practices and less caustic/toxic products. It's one way to keep our boating environment clean, promote healthy fish & shellfish and cut environmental cleanup costs."

   The above quote is from: .

    If you haven't seen the entire document then you owe it to everyone to give it a read. It doesn't harp on some obscure ways to reduce pollution but rather suggests practical methods and ideas that you should be aware of. 

  A boat can contribute significant amounts of pollution. It is our responsibility to keep these to a minimum and/or keep them from happening all together. One area that comes to mind is protecting the finish gel coat of the hull. If you don't take care of the original finish then it will have to be painted eventually. Re-painting or gel-coating a boat is one of the most polluting of events in a boats life cycle.

   As our example shows, taking care of your boat can actually reduce pollution. Using your boat can also reduce pollution. When it comes to family fun and how much effect each vacation alternative has on pollution, boating often wins. 

   It is important to have our customers boats running the best that they can. This also reduces pollution. As marine mechanics, it is our obligation to help spread the correct information. Our lively hoods will be affected if boating is banned from certain areas due to the perceived pollution that boats generate. 

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