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Diesel Engines

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There never seems to be enough time to learn all there is to learn about the products we use every day. Each product comes with a basic set of instructions that pertain to the product,  you just purchased. But often, many products have to work together in harmony in order to gain full benefit from the intended use. Numerous variables must be taken into account when system sharing of this type is applied.
Many builders, are packaging their products with others in an attempt to reduce the potential conflict. However, once that product gets into the hands of the intended user, the real testing begins.
As Repair Personnel, it is our obligation to become familiar with the products we repair. This way, full benefit is gained from the product as well  as the prevention of misuse and potential damage and lose of that investment.
It is our attempt to combine the information that trickles from these manufacturers into a single unified data source.
As experience is gathered in respect to the benefits and short comings of these products and sometimes the associated compatibility questions that arise, we will make every attempt to alert others of those questions.
In this modern age of information exchange, it is a bit easier to get both sides of every situation out into the open so that, solutions can be come to sooner, injury and lose can be reduced, and communication can be established to keep the sport of boating fun for everyone.

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  Who the heck said this web "sight" gig was easy should be hung from the yard arm.... We're sure you will realize that some of the material is incomplete at this point. Even after several months of effort, you'll have to forgive us for not being able to have every t crossed and i dotted.... Let us know if there's something that doesn't seem right, and keep in mind if it looks wrong, it may be, let us know. (spell checker only works if  you mean boar instead of boat....)       


   We really don't have anything to sell, at this web site. So, we hope you can use the information we have started to assemble on these pages. If you don't see it, we just haven't gotten to it yet.    

   There isn't any order to what gets posted as much as it is geared to the questions we receive from our visitors. If you have an engine question, use the "Ask A Tech. " button.


 We have been posting updated web site material, so keep tuned in. We are working on a new look and feel and would like to invite our visitors to suggest new features. Feel free to send us your thoughts.

Web Safety: Our web site has been in continuous operation for over 16 years. We have sent out thousands of email responses to our visitors. Because of this, our email address sometimes gets "spoofed"  by visitors computers infected with a virus. We "never" send attachments and/or .zip files with our email replies. We post requested images and files on our server for our visitors to download. 
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