The MCM 185 V-6 (229 cu. in.) is an uneven firing engine (Figure 1).

Because of this. care must be taken when installing the distributor. Install as follows:

1. Rotate engine (in normal direction of rotation)  until timing mark on crankshaft balancer lines  up with "0o" (TDC) on timing tab and engine is  in no. 1 firing position.

2. Look closely at the cam in the distributor. You  will notice that three of the lobes have a sharper profile than the other three. They are situated  sharp-round-sharp-round. etc. (Figure 2)

3. Install distributor into engine so that when the rotor is aligned with the no. 1 spark plug tower, a rounded lobe is aligned with the rubbing block of the breaker points.

NOTE: For proper fit of spark plug wires, select the rounded
            lobe which positions the distributor body so that the
            lead which connects distributor to coil exits towards
            the rear of the engine.

4. Secure distributor with clamp and check engine timing with timing light.


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