Although a boat on land is about as desirable as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, most of us find ourselves having to deal with this event on a regular basis. There is little enjoyment in the trailering process itself, but rather a means to an end, the perfect day of boating.
All the hype associated with the new boat purchase often over shadows the foundation work of that primal activity of boating, "Trailering to the lake". All too often you will see a beautiful new boat perched on a flimsy old trailer the guy must have borrowed from uncle Joe. The truth is this guy will do more damage than good to his boat and possibly even his tow vehicle. Worse yet, is a flimsy trailer some salesman said, would be just fine, and saved the buyer a bunch of cash. The trailer has to fit right . There are a few things to consider.
(revised 08/10/99)

What's a Warranty anyway?

So your going boating. These pre-departure safety check list and tips might help jog your memory about what to do next.


Besides buying the right trailer, the next most important thing is to set it up properly. In a move that clearly shows just how good a company "Midwest Industries" is, they have posted a special section that covers trailer setup.
Midwest Industries manufacturers "Shoreland'r Trailers used under boats from numerous boat manufacturers..
Although intended for trained technicians, this "online" step-by-step set up instructional guide details how to do it correctly. Also, they have a troubleshooting page to help figure out what is causing some trailering issues.
If only more companies would support their products like this.... Great job, guys.
Note: These last two links open in a new window and take you to their web site.


Titan International Technical Bulletins and other information concerning  brakes & brake actuators.  As well as maintenance and installation manuals for all of their product line.


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Award goes to
Midwest Industries
manufacturer of
Shoreland'r Trailers.


Here's an interesting publication from the Australian government transportation department, all about boating with some trailering tips and recommendations.


Sea Ray, Shoreland'r Trailer, and GMC offer this guide. [click on image below]




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