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engine block, greatly shortening engine life and causing costly repairs.
c. If boat is used during winter, it will need to be re-winterized.

If you live in a warm climate, where temperatures do not reach freezing, and your boot is stored for periods of 4-6 weeks without use, you still need to flush the system and winterize boat with Camco Antifreeze, not for freeze protection but for corrosion protection, as rust and corrosion are the greatest threats to a marine engine.

NOTE: Most Outboard engines do not hold water when stored in down position. However, some outboards DO have drain plugs that MUST BE DRAINED!! Consult owners manual to be sure.
Even though most outboard engines are self draining. winterization with CAMCO antifreeze should still be done. This will lubricate water pump and seals as well as add a protective coating to internal water jackets during periods of storage.
Use steps 1-7 for flushing motor, then refer to steps 10-15 for winterizing.

NOTE: Store engine in normal operating position for winter storage to prevent water from collecting in housing and causing costly repairs.

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