Our resources are varied and numerous. Every attempt is made to acquire and  verify all information supplied as being current, relevant, and accurate. Since there are often conflicting versions of some details, and the book is still being written for many concepts and strategies, it is often difficult to guarantee 100% results on all inquiries. The limit of our scope of research pertains to the field of purchase and  application of products used in the retail Marine environment. There often is no one single answer to some inquiries and it is because of his reason that we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of our research.
The time frame for our research will limit our time frame to less than 24 hours. If a more complete search is needed or requested , you will be given the option. Searches in excess of the normal time allotted will have to be negotiated on a one to one basis.  This is not to say that any expense would be incurred for this additional search time frame, but rather when the situation arises, you would be informed of the need for additional time and or expense.
All contact can be done through e-mail, on a general basis. Personal contact via phone, fax, or direct mailing "can" incur expenses for the connect time and overhead involved. It would be your option.
For Direct service call 1(858) 866-1525 or 866-1526 [ 9am -7pm pacific standard time ]
For Technical Questions,  Please use... Ask A Tech.
For other inquiries, e-mail us at

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