This not the complete bulletin as published
        MCSB 83-15

The water pocket cover attaching screws (Figure 3) can be extremely difficult to remove when stern drives are operated in salt, polluted or mineral-laden waters. To facilitate easier removal of these screws, the screw threads are now being coated with Quicksilver Perfect Seal (92-34227) at the factory. This also should be done as a normal service practice whenever water pocket cover is removed. ( See diagram )

Notes: The purpose as stated (above), centers around the issue of corrosion build up at this location of the upper drive. Any time a water pump repair is done to any of these units, or an unexplainable "overheating situation", that a water pump repair didn't fix, this water pocket adapter should be removed and checked for corrosion, not only at the bolts, but primarily at the gasket surface. This plastic adapter cover will warp and leak. Use a flat plate and check for warp. Replace if warped. Clean the upper drive housing thoroughly, using a long screw driver to remove the old gasket and corrosion. [try not to scratch the paint ] Always use new gasket and apply a thin coat of perfect seal to both sides of the gasket and bolts.

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