IMPORTANT: If this fuel pump is used on an MCM 488R (serial 6671741 and below), a new fuel line (32-4327541) also is required.

High flow fuel pump 42725A2 is recommended as an improvement where vapor lock affects engine performance. This pump fits all MCM 470/470R/485/488R stern drive engines (serial 6671741 and below).
Before servicing the fuel system, always disconnect cables from the negative (-) battery terminal. This will prevent accidental shorting which may ignite fuel that is spilled when fuel lines are disconnected.

STEP 1 Removal of Existing Fuel Pump
1. Disconnect fuel inlet and outlet lines and sight tube from
fuel pump. Remove and discard fuel outlet line.
2 Remove and discard 2 fuel pump mounting screws, 2 lock washers. pump, and gasket. Retain 2 flat washers.  Clean gasket surface on cylinder block.

STEP 2 Installation of Kit fuel Pump
1. Remove and discard protective plug from fuel inlet on new pump. Apply suitable fuel line thread sealant and install fitting (provided) .
2. Lubricate rocker arm of kit pump with Quicksilver Engine  Oil Supplement (92-78372) or SAE 30W oil. Install pump using new, thick gasket. 2 lock washers and 2 screws (from  kit) plus existing 2 flat washers. Pump filter bowl must be  positioned down as shown. Torque screws to 21 lbs. ft.  (28 N.m).
3. Reconnect existing fuel supply line and sight tube. Tighten
connections securely
4. Install replacement fuel line (from kit an MCM 470, 470R and 485 or obtained separately for MCM 488R). Loosen  anti-vibration nut and grommet.  Start both threaded ends at same time and check for cross threading. Then tighten securely. Press grommet against fuel outlet nut and secure  anti-vibration nut snugly. Do not over tighten.
Reconnect battery. Start and run engine. Check fuel line connections for gasoline leaks.

WARNING:  Make sure no fuel leaks exist before closing engine hatch.

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