Note: We do not have any service information on this page concerning Evinrude and Johnson outboards after the take over by Bombardier in 2001.


OMC and Volvo Penta Stern drive teamed up to compete with Mercruiser a many years back. As of the beginning of 1999, they terminated their agreement and in essence OMC is out of the stern drive business.
  Due to increased request for Volvo "specific" information, we have a Volvo Penta page.

   After OMC's bankruptcy, Bombardier purchased the assets of OMC, Evinrude, and Johnson. 
   New product from the Bombardier factories appears to be of the highest quality. Their E-Tech technology engines have proven that they are in the outboard business to stay.
   It will take some time for them to get production back to the level it was during OMC's hay day, but it will happen and we wish them luck.
   Currently, all information located here is "Pre-Bombardier".

   100 years of Evinrude.
This year marks a milestone for BRP and Evinrude outbords.
See video comparison of E-Tec and 4-stroke technology.

Stay tuned..............

  We suggest that you contact your servicing dealer if you see a bulletin listed below that concerns your motor. Keep in mind that most service bulletins, are only intended to advise service personnel of updated parts and or service procedures, and not to announce recalls and or problems with a specific product.
By law, Owners of recalled products are advised, by mail, directly by the manufacturer with information concerning the recall.

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  • Service Bulletins published by OMC
    Special Note: Just because you don't see a recall or service bulletin listed here, for your product, doesn't mean there isn't one. The only way to know for sure is to contact your selling dealer.
    Our tip is to check with your servicing dealer, each year, for at least the first three to four years. Service bulletins are constantly being published that may enhance the performance and operation of your motor.
  • omcsb-4167 Exhaust manifold breakage
  • omcsb-4130 Overloaded 60 amp Circuit Breaker
  • omcsb-4147 Undetected Detonation
  • omcsb-4154 Rubber coated Seal Installation
  • omcsb-4155 Freeze cracking of intake manifolds
  • omcsb-4145 Rocker arm adjusting nut, revision
  • omcsb-4158 Counter-Rotation linkage change SX drive
  • omcsb-4175 loose oil filter adapters 5.0 & 5.7 litre 1998
  • omcsb-4174 Incorrect spark plugs 5.0L 1998
  • omcsb-4171 Water ingestion 4.3 L
  • omcsb-4170 Hard or delayed shifting 5.7, 7.4, 8.2 litre EFI
  • omcsb-4169 3.0 liter update kit  1997 & 1998
  • omcsb-4166 7.4 liter Holley revised jet sizes
  • omcsb-4160 Belt Tension All models
  • omcsb-4153 Shift linkage SX & Dual-Prop
  • omcsb-4151 Power Steering Oscillation
  • omcsb-4143 Revised Trim Limiter 1996 & up Dual Prop
  • omcsb-4138 Ignition Failure during start up 1995 (HU)
  • omcsb-4137 Flapper Valve noise all models

December 1998: Copy of  "Recall" letter to dealers concerning 200 and 225 outboards.

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