Alignment tool updated

  That old alignment tool you got from uncle Joe, doesn't fit your new M/C  engine.
But you can take it to most local machine shops, and they will fix that, for a small fee. This modification will still let you use the tool on the older motors too.
No. 92-9

All Alpha One Gen II Models

An engine coupler change will take place on these model engines sometime in August, 1992. Because of this change, the current Alignment Tool (91-57797A3) will not properly align the engine. Please have your current alignment tool modified as shown in Figure: 1, or order a new alignment tool.

Use the first step on the tool as reference point "X".
1) The shaded area of the tool must be machined off. Machine the 1.150 in. (29.21 mm) diameter
(a) back for a total of 2.750 in. (69.85 mm)
(b) from reference point "X". Finish the edge of the new step as shown by (c).

2) Measure from reference point "X" to the end of the tool. This should not be longer than 2.200 in.    (55.88 mm) (d). If the step is longer, remove material from the end (e) until the step is 2.200 in. long. If material was removed, put a .060 in (1.5mm) x 45 degree chamfer on edge (f).

NOTICE!! The modified 91-57797A3 tool or the new tool 91-805475Al will align all current Alpha One or Brave models as well as all older engines that used the older 91-57797A3 tool

New Tool
91-805475A1 Alignment Tool

Click for larger, printable version of diagram.


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