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SAE Handbook 1961

Use your Head. Not as a hat rack...  but as it was meant to be used. Shopping carefully and intelligently for boats and boating products, can be frustrating and time consuming. Just don't cut corners... Just Remember

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Four Winns
Sea Ray

US Coast Guard: Boat Usage Statistics United States; 2010

OK,,, You finally did it!

You saved your pennies, raided the kid's college fund and it's sitting in the driveway all shiny and new. She's as high tech as can be and she goes faster than they'll let you drive on the highways.  Just read this before you get her wet.

Did you ever wonder?

When a "good" boat  builder designs and tests a new design, one of the most important tests is the lake test. This formula is the one used to setup hull, prop, and engine combination's.

Yah, that was neat but, we're in the computer age...

Yes, it is the computer age isn't it and things have gotten a little easier. Thanks to the use of Java, this Boat Performance Calculator takes  one more hassle out of boat setup and testing. You can put your slide rule away. :)

So you say you want to tweak that fish boat of yours a bit.... Back when I started this biz, I was told that if you wanted more speed you added more cubic inches to the engine. Well, not everyone is looking for speed , some of us would just like to see over the bow....

Make that indoor/outdoor boating carpet look like new with regular soap and water and a  scrub brush. Use a window squeegee to remove most of the water and a wet/dry vac to finish the job. It'll usually be dry by the next day and look like new. Also, a 1500 to 2000 psi pressure washer does a bang up job lifting out the ground in dirt. Just be careful not to over do it.

Tip: When your closing on that new boat deal, have the salesman  toss in a stern-drive or outboard lock. The world's still not a perfect place and they seem to grow legs without a lock to hold them back. Your insurance guy might even give you a break, if you ask.

Tip: When they're installing all that new stuff in your dash, ask them to leave the cut outs. They make good back up plates and spacers for later installation projects you might be considering like a deck mount fish rod holder or ski tow eye.

And on that new boat you'll find at least one screw that just won't stay tight. These stainless back-up clips, available at any good hardware store, add a lock washer effect to those stainless self tapping screws, that holds better than new. Crimp them over the edge of the lower panel, and a dab of silicone will keep them in place, if you need to remove cover panels later.


Were you wondering:

What is the capacity of a tank in my boat?

Answer is here.



  Recalls on boats are pretty rare, but some of the better companies are making sure they handle this issue properly. The Consumers Report marine recall page is one resource to try if you think you might have a unit that could be under recall.
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   Can't afford to try every Boat before you buy one? Just want to see which products do what they claim? Is there is a place to go to find out about the latest electronics? And whose actually tested MSD holding tanks? Just... Click Here? 

I offer this small sample..... A skin peeler on the swim step.

We'rre not saying which builder this is.

Has this question given you insomnia...
What is a Gel Coat blister anyway?


An interesting web site called " FiberGlassics " has information and just plain ole nostalgia concerning fiberglass boats from the 50's and 60's.
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This web site has detailed information, instructions, and pictures of how to do some major and minor fiberglass repairs and restoration work.
Note: His preference for West System products seems more promotional then real world. There are many great products on the market that are used by both the pros and do-it-yourselfers.

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More than 1100 Boats Tested - GoBoating Magazines has tested everything from aluminum fish boats to mega-yachts. 



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The internet's most comprehensive resource for Coast Guard documentation, boat registration, and yacht registry.
A complete gathering of affordable services, forms, research tools, information, guidelines, and resources.
Serving vessel owners, buyers, sellers, marine lenders, yacht brokers, boat dealers, and attorneys.

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Market research, extensive data and market statistics on the power boat industry, marine drives, boat building, boat manufacturers, boat dealers, marinas, related industries, boating and boaters.

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