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What you expectin', Fan mail from some flounder?

Due to the high volume of email we receive; we have not had time to post all the emails that came back to us as "undeliverable", by email servers. We hope that you will try again and double check the email address you typed into our question form [s]. Also, be sure to check your Spam-box for our answer. And/or add to your mail accepted list.
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It has been brought to our attention that someone is trying to trademark (claim exclusive use of ) the  words "Marine Mechanic". Considering that "Marine Mechanic" is a "profession", this seems impossible and we do not claim exclusive use to these words or prohibit anyone else from using them. is a web address and is not associated with, net, bz, ru, tv, and/or any other marinemechanic address on the web.

To all our visitors:

  I would like to take a moment to thank all who have sent  kind and encouraging email concerning the development of this web site and it's content. As many of you have pointed out, there generally isn't any content at most sites and there in lies the difference.

  All I can pass on to all of you, is, that we will continue to improve and that we welcome all suggestions (anonymous or not). Keep in mind that almost everyone has some idea or tip that they could contribute. Just jot a line or two about it in your email and we will follow it up and expand it for you, if you want.  Thanks again....     editor

   Our intent in posting this article was an attempt to warn others of the danger in overuse or abuse of this product and not to encourage this practice. We do not and will not encourage the blatant disrespect and or abuse of fellow creatures.
                                                    With respect:

Be Back when we're damn good and ready
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