MiloCraft Boat Company

The foundation of MiloCraft Boat Company crumbled when it's founder, Milo Fencil, passed away many years back. But like so many other's like him, he will never be forgotten.....

Most of Milo's original boats were packaged with Evinrude outboards and Holsclaw trailers but, 
time marches on and here are a couple surviving examples of his efforts.

 Some Milo Craft boats Up for sale and other neat stuff.

Milo Craft Boat Mfg.

7737 S. Western Ave.

Chicago, Illinois

Note: The original company and it's assets were
 sold off, bit by bit back in the mid 90's.

The boats were based off molded plywood hulls supplied by US Molded Shapes.

Milo Fencl, brother of Jerry Fencl, the man behind Delta Boat and Marine Sales,
ran his own boat-building firm, Milo-Craft.

This is a "Delta Boat Company" brochure. See the similarity?