Consumers are protected from manufacturers who attempt to unfairly chain the purchasers of their products to the continued purchase of their maintenance and repair products and authorized services. Congress has provided consumers with this protection under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act as well as specific provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act.

It's against the law for an original equipment manufacturer to inform consumers that their warranty would be void should they use other than genuine replacement parts or if service were to be performed by anyone other than an authorized "OEM" dealer unless, of course, such parts and service were to be performed "Free of Charge" under the terms of the warranty.

The laws were enacted to grant the consumers and dealers the basic right to select replacement parts from competent manufacturers without fear of jeopardizing their warranty. The law directly provides the consumer the right of choice - the right to an affordable alternative choice of manufactured product. Of course, the original equipment manufacturer is not responsible for product failures or damages caused by product failures of product manufactured by others. Such damages become the responsibility of the company providing such products under the terms of their own warranties.

Note: Read paragraph three and understand the possible conflict of interest that could arise when using non OEM parts and service while a unit is still in warranty.

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