The Mermaid Condensator solves the problem of having air conditioning condensation water draining into the bilge or the use of bulky electrical pumps.
The Mermaid Condensator is silent, non-electrical, measures approximately 7 inches in length and 2 inches across and weighs only 10 ounces.
The Mermaid Condensator comes with a complete installation kit which will adapt to most marine air conditioners. Installation take only minutes using a screw driver and pocket knife. Simply cut the "water out" hose from the air conditioner condensing coil, insert the Mermaid Condensator TM, secure with provided hardware and connect suction hose to air conditioner condensation drain pan. That's it!

The condensator works on the Venturi effect where water passing through a tube creates a vacuum or sucking effect. A 1/4" tube is connected between the condensator and a/c condensation pan and the condensation water is sucked into the tube, as it occurs, and mixed with the water passing through the condensator. The condensation has been tested to a head of 6 feet.

Even condensation water can contain small particles of dirt collected by the evaporator and dropped in the condensation pan. Because of this, a small filter is employed between the condensator and the condensation pan to protect the condensator from being restricted.

Also, you may be looking at a picture in Soundings or other magazines where the condensator is mounted inside a plastic housing which was only used for aesthetic purposes. When you get your unit, you will see we have eliminated the housing which saves space and allows access to the condensator input valve should it ever need service. The condensator is only 2 inches wide and about 7 inches long. Space should never be a problem.

The condensator comes with a complete set of installation parts. Just cut the 5/8" a/c cooling water out hose between the unit and the thru-hull fitting on the hull of the boat, slip the hose ends over the barbs on the condensator and double clamp with the hose clamps provided. Next connect the 1/4" hose between the condensation pan nipple and the nipple on the condensator. Because the condensator is made of solid brass and weighs 10 ounces, the kit also include mounting clips and s/s screws to secure it to a bulk head to keep it from stressing the water out hose.

The only rule of installation is that the condensator MUST BE INSTALLED ABOVE BOAT WATER LEVEL OR IT COULD SIPHON BACK AND GET WATER IN THE BOAT. It's not going to sink it through a 1/4" tube but it could get things wet. Mounting above sea level is not a problem since the water out hose is where the condensator is installed and it is always above water level. That's it. All you need is a pocket knife and a screw driver and 15 minutes to do the total job.

The condensator uses a standard over-the-counter filter which may need to be replaced once or twice a year. They cost less than $3.00. If the condensator itself ever gets clogged, the input valve is easily removed and cleaned.

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