If relocating panel:
   Cut a rectangular hole in flat surface (see Fig. 2 below). Insert wiring cable through hole and fasten panel with screws supplied with each panel.
(All figures at bottom of this page.)

Wiring :
Refer to diagrams (Fig. 3 and Fig. 4). Connect wires from control panel to plug end of cable assembly, carefully matching color of the wires. String cable through bulkheads, walls, etc. to the light.

IMPORTANT: Cable must be secured with nylon clips or equivalent, and be protected at points of stress. Leave adequate slack at where cable must be flexible.

Connect cable wires to light wires with butt connectors supplied with the light. Again, carefully match colors and plugs.

Connect red fused lead from panel to positive (+) side of power source(l2 volts). Connect white wire to negative (-).


Optional Secondary Remote Control kit includes secondary control panel, dual station selector panel, V-harnesses and butt connectors, but does not include secondary control cable which must be acquired separately (see cable listing below).

Note: Any extensions to light wiring beyond limits above should be of 16 gauge wire minimum for control functions and 8 gauge for power circuits.

After installation and wiring is completed, test light operation. If light is inoperative, or does not operate correctly...

Troubleshooting Instructions

. If it does not operate correctly, check:
      Wire harness connections
      Color matching of wires

If the light is still inoperative, proceed with the following instructions:


1. Bulb works in reverse (up is flood, down in spot)

Disconnect Orange and Gray wires. Reconnect as follows:
Orange from light to Gray from switch Gray from light to Orange from switch.


2. Control lever works in reverse in all directions (left is right, down is up, etc.)

Reverse Red and White battery connections.

IMPORTANT: Add an in line fuse (10A) to the white wire.

If this corrective step is necessary, the LED light will not operate when the lamp is on.


3. Control lever works in reverse in horizontal direction only (left is right and right is left)

Disconnect Yellow and Blue wires. Reconnect as follows: Yellow from light to Blue from switch Blue from light to Yellow from switch


4. Control lever works in reverse in vertical direction only (up is down, and down is up)

Disconnect Green and Brown wires. Reconnect as follows: Green from light to Brown from switch Brown from light to Green from switch .


5. Light moves in only three of the four possible directions:
           a.One horizontal direction is inoperative.  

Reverse connection as in Step. 3. If opposite horizontal motion becomes inoperative, replace the switch. If problem persists, consult a qualified technician.

           b. One vertical motion is inoperative.

Reverse connections as in Step. 4. If opposite vertical motion becomes inoperative, replace the switch. If problem persists, consult a qualified technician.

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