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And just why do they call it Stainless Steel anyway? I suppose for a lack of a better name... But, there are some things you should be aware of. 

On occasion Boats kept in marinas have a tendency to sink in the slip. There are various causes and reasons but the most common is that a water supply line, from the shore, has burst inside the boat and the pumps can't keep up with it or the pumps have failed.
The resulting disaster is a large mess to clean up that rarely puts the boat back to 100% of what it was before it sank.
Besides making sure the shore water is turned off, before you leave the boat, another way to prevent a boat from sinking is an inexpensive "High water alarm System" that can be heard on the dock.

Preparing for a revamp of the ole' dashboard? Here's some tips that can save you time and money.
Or How 'bout some installation:  Do's and Don'ts

These days most people take water for granted, but not if your a boater trying to make a cup of coffee. The water system on a boat can be your worst night mare or a comforting warm shower. The installation and maintenance of this system makes all the difference in the world. Pump cycles too much?

Installing a depth sounder and transducer is about the easiest things you can do on your boat. However, there are a few things to know first.

Sailboating and us...

  Engine and electrical information are in general terms, at this web site, so feel free to use them as reference.
However, I'm afraid I don't have a lot of information concerning sailboats,  yet. However, I do have a lot of spec sheets I can add. This will come in time. For now ... For basic stuff, go here.
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