You can stop looking under a rock for the guy's, we'll be hiding at


Reward: Your Input

As anyone who's done this web site gig can verify, our current objective is to get this thing off the ground floor.

Please feel free to offer and send updated materials when you find them.

A picture I've had, since I can ever remember.


Convert these 10 boxes of paper to computer file and put 'em back in the garage. (We always blew to much time trying to find the right spec. sheets or old bulletins when we needed them.)


Basically, we're broke. But we're having a good time. Heck, we're in the boat business, what else could you ask for.

*And Just what the heck can we put in this spot.   ...... Naked women , Yea that's it....


Don't go to this page. There's nothing there.

 Anyone interested in contributing should contact us. 

The crew n our hole in the water


This site has a primary purpose as a reference for mobile marine mechanics who service a variety of product in the field. We often encounter requested repairs with little or no back up information other than the skills we hold from formal education, previous experience, and common knowledge.  The information available to us is limited and often unavailable to us through normal channels because of distribution and dealership agreements.  The reason for withholding important information concerning the installation and repair of product in the field, by the manufacturers of these products, escapes logic. You would think that they would want their product to be serviced easily by anyone. 

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