Assembling PL-259 Connector on Coax: (For Shakespeare brand, See Below.)

1. Cut the end of the coax cable off square.
2. Carefully remove 1-1/16" (2.7 cm) of the vinyl jacket from the end of the cable with a sharp knife. not a razor blade. Do not nick the braid.
3. Remove 3/4" ( 1.9 cm) of both the braid and center conductor insulation from the end of the coax. Do not nick center conductor.
4. Slide the coupling ring and then the adapter onto the coax, well up and out of your way.
5. Position the adapter flush with the end of the coax.
6. Fold the braid back over the adapter and press it down over the body of the adapter.

Here's the important part.
7. Slip the insulated adapter washer over the center conductor and its insulation so the washer butts against the braid.

8. Screw the plug sub-assembly fully on the adapter ( you may need to use pliers to snug properly ).



9. Using a low heat soldering iron (140 watt, minimum), put a drop of solder in the end of the contact pin, enough to fill the tip of the contact pin.
10. Clip the excess center conductor wire off with a pair of wire cutters.
11. Finally, screw the coupling ring onto the plug sub-assembly until it spins freely.

Note that it is not necessary to solder the outer shield wire to the case of the plug and that the insulator washer needs to be installed to prevent the shield wires from contacting the core wire terminal inside the plug.

                                             Parts List.

Item No. Part No. Description             Qty.
  1       280087   whip fitting                    1
  2       470204   mast                               1
  3       690042   RG-58/U coax              22 ft.
  4       450005   rubber bushing           1
  5       870933   parts pack                        1
  6       657565   PL-259 connector          1
  7       812957   rubber adapter washer    1

Shakespeare Brand PL-259 Solder type connector.

Although basically the same as above... note that they recommend a slightly different set of numbers concerning stripping of the insulators.
Our experience has found that the center wire does not stick out from the end of the connector, when soldering, and care must be taken to insure a good solder connection.




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