A simple wiring project that you can perform and one that has a direct safety value, is the installation of ground fault circuit interrupting receptacle(s) in the boat. We have not discussed ground faults previously, so let's understand the nature of a ground fault. A ground fault is a failure in an electrical circuit that permits current to flow from a hot wire to ground. Faults occur as a result of worn insulation, moisture, and deterioration in tools or appliances. Because failures of this type usually go undetected, ground fault shock is the most common form of electrical accident. The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) was developed to protect people (not equipment) against this hazard.

The GFCI works when current leaking to ground on the load side of a "protected" circuit causes an imbalance in the circuit. This imbalance produces a change of flux in the GFCl's differential current transformer, which in turn actuates the solid state circuitry to open the circuit before bodily harm occurs, The GFCI receptacle has a built in test circuit for periodic checking.

The GFCI receptacle should be installed as the first receptacle from the boat's panel board. In this manner, the GFCI will provide protection for itself and all downstream receptacles on the same circuit. The GFCI is designed to fit any duplex receptacle outlet box.

If after performing some of these AC electrical projects, you feel ready to tackle the installation of a second shore power system, visit your MARINCO dealer first. He will be able to provide you with everything that you will need to make your installation top quality and professional. The use of quality marine grade products is essential to safe, long lasting service from your boat's electrical equipment and wiring devices. Don't be misled into using commercial grade products, thinking that these are better products. Although, heavier in construction, most commercial grade electrical devices offer no corrosion protection.

Remember that corrosion is the primary cause of failure in electrical equipment. MARINCO provides moisture protection in the form of vinyl covers that protect the plug and connector and a sealing collar system that provides a mechanical, watertight seal between the cord set and the adapter connection. Failure to use quality, marine grade products will result in much shorter life for your equipment.

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