The Rubber type Impeller pump  is in almost every boat that floats. It cools motors, pumps out bilge water, washes down decks, fills live-wells, flushes toilets, and a host of other pumping jobs.

One moving part - a tough, long-lived, wear-resistant flexible impeller lubricated by the liquid being pumped. No metal-to-metal pumping action - no gears to jam, clog, or become noisy.
Flexible impeller pumps prime instantly with dry suction lifts to 10 feet and up to 25 feet when wetted. Permits cleaner, safer installations. No foot valve, check valve, or pre-primer required. ( If water lift is under specification height.)

Note: Never run an impeller style pump for more than 30 seconds without water. Noticeable impeller damage will occur on some high rpm pumps, if run 60 seconds or more with out water.

Flexible impeller pumps, in general, require less space because they deliver greater flow for weight, size and price than other types of pumps.
Both neoprene and oil resistant impellers are available for most models. Use neoprene for most water pumping applications. Use oil resistant impellers for oils or oily water applications.

Flexible, impeller blades, upon leaving offset cam, create a nearly perfect vacuum for instant self-priming.
As impeller rotates each successive blade draws in liquid and carries it from intake to the outlet port.
When flexible impeller blades contact the offset cam, they bend with a squeezing action that provides a continuous, uniform flow.

Standard impellers are suitable for continuous operation up to the following limits: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2". Port sizes to 40 ft. head (17.3 psi), 1" - 2" Port sizes to 70 ft. head (30.3 head)
Special high pressure impellers are available for certain models. Impeller life will be extended by operating in the lower portion of recommended pressure  and temperature range.

These pumps work best at the Temperature Range 45o to 180o F.

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