Star Date: March, 1992  (but still extremely relevant)

Subject: Piston Ring Sticking
Models: All
Problem:  The chemical composition of gasoline has changed significantly during the past ten years. Most notably, the level of tetraethyl lead has been reduced from approximately 3 grams per gallon to 1/10 gram per gallon or eliminated completely.
During the same period, oxygenates and ethers were added to enhance octane and extend supplies of hydrocarbon fuels. Also. beneficial components were removed from some gasoline's because of blending and economic reasons.
The result of this evolution is that some contemporary gasoline's deposit significant amounts of carbon during the combustion process.
If these deposits are not addressed, they can reduce engine performance, foul spark plugs, cause piston ring sticking, and contribute to powerhead failures.

Solution:  There are four things that you and your customers can do to minimize the negative effects of carbon deposits:

Use a national brand, premium grade fuel. These fuels have ingredients that promote  cleaner combustion and help reduce carbon deposits.
Use Evinrude or Johnson outboard lubricant. These lubricants are specifically  blended by OMC to provide maximum lubrication while controlling combustion  chamber deposits. (See note below)
Use OMC Carbon Guard" additive in the fuel. OMC Carbon Guard fuel additive is  formulated to minimize combustion chamber deposits. Cleaner combustion chambers  will reduce the customer dissatisfaction associated with piston ring sticking.
Use OMC Engine Tuner on a regular basis as outlined in the engine operator manuals.  For engines operating under unusual conditions or for older engines that have not  been treated within 100 operating hours, follow the treatment instructions on the can.

For additional information concerning the use of OMC Engine Tuner, we have added some tips acquired through experience with the product.

Note: For a full run down on how oils have been improving, we offer this section covering what TCW 3 oil really is and why.

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