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Front Engine Mount Deflection

Volvo Penta has received reports that front engine mounts have been installed incorrectly. Incorrect installation can cause the engine mounts or engine block to crack.

Install the front engine mount perpendicular to a boat's stringers or mounting pads so that the front engine mounts can absorb and defer engine vibrations properly. Make sure that the clearance (gap) between the load washer and the body of the mount is even on all sides. There is a slight tolerance in this gap to compensate for transom angle and stringer installation. The boat's transom angle should be between 10" and 160 (130 is preferred). The stringer system should be installed parallel to the boat bottom (refer to the installation instructions supplied with the engine package).

The engine package is designed so that, on a boat with a 130 transom angle and the stringers installed parallel to the boat bottom, the front engine mounts will have zero (0) deflection. This means that the gap between the load washer and the mount body will be of equal distance on all sides. The mount is allowed an amount of deflection to compensate for different transom angles and the stringer installation. With the maximum deviation allowed, the minimum distance between the load washer and the mount body is 3/8 inches. If the clearance does not fall within the minimum distance, you must modify the stringers or install angled shims (spacers) between the stringers and the front mounts. Shims should be made of a material (e.g., aluminum) that will not rot, shrink, crack, break, or in any other way change its size or shape.

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