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Propeller Shaft Lubrication Intervals

Volvo Penta has seen an unusual number of boat owners having difficulty removing propellers because the recommended service intervals for propeller shaft lubrication were not followed.

Volvo Penta recommends that propellers and shafts be lubricated with Volvo Penta water resistant grease (P/N 828250-1 [tube]; P/N 1141509-8 [can] after every 50 hours of use, whenever changing propellers, or once each boating season, whichever occurs first.

Please remind boat owners of these service intervals. Emphasize that the boat owner needs to follow the propeller lubrication service intervals recommended in the owner's manual. These service intervals are outlined in the Maintenance Schedule listed in their owner's manual (found under the Specifications and Maintenance section).

If the boat owner wants to perform this check / lubrication service, the owner's manual outlines the proper steps for propeller replacement (found under the Specifications and Maintenance section).

The illustration below shows lubrication areas for the propeller. Make sure the boat owner understands that he must thoroughly lubricate the entire shaft, as explained in their owner's manual.
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