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Note: Also useful for determining origin of product after warranty period expires. OMC and Volvo will both support product that was manufactured during their partnership.

Volvo Penta Marine Products, L.P., manufactures marine gasoline engines, transom shields, and SX Cobra and DuoProp sterndrive units that are sold by Volvo Penta of the Americas, Inc., and Outboard Marine Corporation wholly owned boat companies. Although these products look identical, including brand name, each gasoline engine, transom shield, and sterndrive has a unique serial number that indicates which company is responsible for administering the warranty program.

In order to identify serial numbers, Volvo Penta of the Americas, Inc., uses a 10 digit serial number starting with 411....... (for example 4110136750 is a Volvo Penta serial number). Outboard Marine Corporation uses an 8 digit serial number starting with 012..... preceded by the letter T (for example T01294082 is a OMC serial number). The identification tag, located on the valve cover, identifies the model and serial number together with the company responsible for administering the warranty program.

Great care is taken to make sure that each marine propulsion "package" is sold and installed in a boat with the same company's serial numbers. However, if you ever encounter a situation where the serial numbers for the three components have been mixed, the serial number on the engine determines which company will be responsible for the warranty coverage of the entire "package".

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