Volvo Penta Marine bought out OMC Stern drive, many years ago, and the product below is a combination of pre and post merger product information. It is important to know what you have, when trying to service the product you're working on.

   Also, It is very important to note that some older AQ series Volvo stern drives were packaged with marine engines by companies other than Volvo Penta. When encountering an older marine engine that does not have Volvo's logo and serial number tag on the engine; there is a good chance that although it is a Volvo stern drive, the "engine" was not from Volvo Penta and, in some cases, parts are not currently available from them. As far as the stern drive itself goes; parts are available for most of the out-drives they ever built.

Some pages below are in "PDF" format and require Adobe Reader.


**   Volvo brand Ignition keys by part number.

   Stern drive facts:

* All Volvo stern drives require a left hand rotation engine. (rotation viewed from the flywheel end.)

* AQ series SP 270/280/290 Volvo stern drives can turn right or left hand rotation propellers.

*SX SP Volvo stern drives have special procedures to change rotation.

* AQ "non-hydraulic" series 270/280/290 Volvo stern drives require a trailering bracket to prevent damage to the tilt mechanism.

*AQ series 270/280/290 Volvo stern drives DO NOT always use 30 w engine oil for lubricant. See
Simplified gear lube chart. or contact dealer.

* AQ series 270/280/290 and SX Volvo stern drives... Even Volvos need maintenance. 

* When trying to acquire parts; Volvo, like most other manufacturers, goes by either the serial number of the component and/or, for over ten years, a seven digit part number used on all of their assemblies. The out drive, transom shield, & engine each have an assembly part number sticker attached to the assembly.

AQ = Aqua-matic stern drive series

Cobra = Stern drives newer than AQ but older than SX

SX = Stern drives newer than Cobra.

SP = Single prop

DP = Dual Prop

   Service Bulletins (Stern drive, Gas Engines)

 We suggest that you contact your servicing dealer if you see a bulletin listed below that concerns your motor. Keep in mind that most service bulletins, are only intended to advise service personnel of updated parts and or service procedures, and not to announce recalls and or problems with a specific product.
By law, Owners of recalled products are advised, by mail, directly by the manufacturer with information concerning the recall.
Special Note: Just because you don't see a recall or service bulletin listed here, for your product, doesn't mean there isn't one. The only way to know for sure is to contact your selling dealer.
Our tip is to check with your servicing dealer, each year, for at least the first three to four years. Service bulletins are constantly being published that may enhance the performance and operation of your motor.


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Here is the 2015 Volvo Penta Engine Package line-up.

Video about the new V8-380 (6.0L) marine engine from Volvo Penta.

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